the bolter

recently i've been following the old english drama upstairs, downstairs and it is so absorbing! that's the problem with me, i fall too deeply for these sorts of things.

anyway, yesterday i watched the episode 'the bolter' from season 3 and i got so numbingly upset that today i just needed to let it all out by casting some aspersions.

just some background though, i generally cannot bear mr. hudson, i tolerate mrs. bridges, ruby and richard bellamy, i have a love-hate relationship with rose and james, and i adore hazel and edward. now onto my (potential) tirade...!

i was really excited to watch this episode because a) i loved hazel and james' relationship after their lovely romance in 'a family secret', b) weekends in the countryside are so thrilling and c) the last episode about mr. bellamy's idiotic scandal was just too dull to bear!

now i don't know if it's just me, but james bellamy was exceedingly gorg in the first season, and i really liked him (ehem) but then he slowly ended up (physically) gross and icky by the third. nevertheless, i was pleased that he'd married hazel because i love her too, too much! she's such a sweetheart and she's so sensible and reliable and darling that i just can't help liking her. added to the fact that the ghastly mr. hudson was a positive beast to her when she first arrived just makes me love her even more. (and i was so surprised when i found that meg wynn owen was in p&p 2005 so i straight away went to see her in it and positively sobbed on the inside when i saw what a feeble little role she was given:-( )

anyhow, edward was so cute when he was talking to rose about being james' valet and he's such a funny and cheerful person! i always feel so sorry for him when rose or hudson check him for fooling around. ugh, mr. hudson is so smug! (sorry you'll have to excuse me, sometimes i'm just overcome with my irritation for the man, he's such a self-righteous jerk that i end up losing my self-control and before i know it, i'm screaming at him:-((   )

what i was most annoyed about was how james behaved during the whole stay, and it started with charades. ugh seriously! it was so horrible and gross and i was so insulted for hazel's sake! it was the most vile thing you could see, and diana newbury is contemptible. i know i sound like a total prig but really. what the heck were james and diana doing sticking their tongues down each others throats and practically getting it on in front of everybody just for charades???? talk about trying too hard, but the word wasn't even related! it was freaking 'male'??????

then hazel went out riding and when that wretched horse nearly killed her james chided her for being disobedient. really now james? what an ass! i was cussing him out nearly the whole episode because he was being so intolerable i wanted to strangle him.

then i thought cochy (cocky?) mr. danby was nice enough until he tried to get into hazel's pants. what the Heck??????? but if this episode made me hate everyone else it made me love hazel even more ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; the girl is perfect and i am willing to fight anyone who defies me. she was so noble and sensible the whole way through. she was so polite the whole time, she apologised to james for riding, she rang the bell when mr. danby tried to seduce her and didn't give in to him, and she ran away from somerby park without making a scene. the only other tolerable person was bunny, but i can't for the life of me know why he still wanted to be with that moron diana.

richard bellamy was so nice about everything when hazel returned home, and for a moment i thought hazel should've just married him instead, ha ha. when james went home i thought he was going to scold hazel again for leaving. ohoho and then hazel made the most classic remark that i will treasure forever. james was upset that hazel had just left without even telling james and reproachfully asked her why. hazel said:
"i don't think your darling diana would have been very amused if i had gone into her bedroom and asked if i would be allowed to talk to my husband."
go, hazel, go! how i treasured the look on james' face! of course, the poor fool hadn't actually slept with diana, but with his behaviour the night before i think the remark was very much warranted.

the only time i was disappointed with hazel was when james said that he'd never been in diana's bed ever before and then hazel suddenly started laughing about mr. danby being ridiculous and then jumped into james' arms.
um????????????? ok?????

the most ironic thing about this episode is that mr. hudson doesn't even show and yet it made me so horribly angry.

so to conclude:

  1. hazel is too perfect for anyone
  2. james is an ass
  3. diana ought to choke on her own bile
  4. edward is a cutiepie
  5. rich people are crazy
  6. james is an ass!!!!

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