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hahahaha i was lately presented the privilege of a blog tag by the marvellous carissa morais; something that was All The Rage way back when millennials' main source for social media was in blogging, and in the times when inspiration hit a low, the activity of answering questions from a tag was a welcome way to finally get a new blog post up (ahem ahem what i'm doing now ahem)

ok!!! enough with my introductory paragraphs! (cambridge exams really did me in; i can never write something without first suffering myself to add an intro x.x)

tagged by carissa morais ♡

A. Attached or single? let me meet a decent boy first thx

B. Best friend? my little sister lauren; but i doubt she's aware that i've targeted her lmao

C. Cake or pie? pie if it begins with the word 'shepherd's'

D. Day of choice? probably friday? 

E. Essential item? tissue paper hahaha

F. Favourite colour? yellow! 

G. Gummy bears or worms? worms i find are so much more satisfying to bite because of their lovely long bodies plus worms can be dual flavoured mmmmmmm

H. Hometown? petaling jaya forever my love

I. Favorite indulgence? maggi mee asam laksa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J. January or July? january; because a new year always holds so much promise!

K. Kids? as many as i can physically & financially support hahahahahahahaha

L. Life isn't complete without? people to love ♡

M. Marriage date? sometime in the beginning of the year would be So Lovely ♥.♥

N. Number of magazine subscriptions? zero....... 

O. Oranges or apples? apples ✿

P. Phobias? dead animals and unfamiliar social situations :-( also slightly agoraphobic

Q. Quotes? “we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” - oscar wilde 

R. Reasons to smile? the knowledge that everybody was a baby once hahaha

S. Season of choice? rainy season!

T. Tag 10 people. :-( i have no one to tag let alone ten :-(

U. Unknown fact about me? sometimes i find bruises on my body that i don't remember acquiring

V. Vegetable? pea sprouts are my darlings

W. Worst habit? immediately panicking when faced with unfavourable situations and/or using the term 'lmao'

X. X-ray or ultrasound? ..........ultrasounds are more agreeable to me than x-rays............. (i don't understand this question lmao)


Z. Zodiac sign? taurus?? but idk the significance of zodiac signs

He/she will have to come up with 7 interesting or random facts about themselves 
and then tag 7 other people to do the tag challenge. 
  1. i have a chip on my front tooth from walking into a door in a mcdonalds T.T
  2. i can watch the '05 pride & prejudice movie repeatedly without getting bored 
  3. if you leave me at home all by myself i will probably not eat anything the entire day
  4. i am anglophile Trash
  5. the founder of uniqlo is japan's richest man and it's probably bc of me
  6. i have a prejudice against Apple Users but i lov my iphone
  7. i hate drinking pu er
tagging...? i have very few blogger friends :-( uhhhhhhhh

ok you're tagged if i've ever used 'lmao' with you no arguing i love you bye

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